Residential Air Quality  BBB Business Review

Welcome to Residential Air Quality, the premier air quality specialists located in Wellesley, MA. We are a family business serving communities in the Greater Boston area. We believe that looking after your family’s wellbeing is what's most important. Ensuring clean breathable indoor air quality improves individual health, personal comfort and peace of mind. Our trademarked inspection process, "Home Air Facts", provides exactly what the name implies: The straight facts about the air quality in your home. We are the proven specialists on all aspects of residential indoor air quality including allergen testing, mold inspections and locating mildew or smells. We are independent and unbiased. We are proud of our family orientated work ethics. If you would like our assistance, or more information, please call us at 617.905.6099 or by email:

Paul D. Cummings, PH. D.
Indoor Environmental Professional

Dan Cummings
Indoor Air Quality Specialist

Jonathan McDavid
OSHA Certified Mold Inspector