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Who We Are

Welcome to Residential Air Quality, the premier air quality specialists throughout the Greater Boston area. We are a family business [based in Wellesley] serving communities across the region. We believe that looking after your family’s well-being is the most important thing in the world. Ensuring clean, breathable indoor air quality is more than simply providing peace of mind. No matter your concern or service requirement, we are experts on all aspects of residential indoor air quality. While this includes mold inspections, it encompasses so much more as we specialize in detecting, measuring and identifying allergens and other airborne contaminants.

We are proud of our family orientated work ethics and believe in dealing with people and not figures. If you would like our assistance, please reach out to us. Indoor air quality is our business but service is our priority.

“If it isn’t Mold, then what is it?”

It is this very question that sets us apart!

In the early days of our company growth it was anticipated that mold testing would be a primary focus for us. And for many it still is. Testing is performed, and mold is either going to be detected [and addressed] or not detected and the residence can ‘rule it out’ as a problem.

In our case, however, a significant number of calls we received were from clients who had greater concerns: perhaps a family member suffering from allergies… or an environment where they actually felt ‘better’ physically when away from their home… or an odor or physical ‘sensitivity’ they just couldn’t put their finger on… when we found that a residence did not have a mold condition we were often asked “Well if it isn’t mold, then what is it”? [and we really hated not having an answer…!]

As it became our determination to be known as “Air Quality Inspectors”, not just “mold testers”, we increased our training and knowledge base, widened our awareness of the industry and expanded our testing capabilities to address as many home air quality conditions and concerns as we found existed. And WOW! There certainly is no shortage of them!

This blog is dedicated to sharing some of the experiences, findings, updates, new discoveries and tips & tricks to successfully improve the quality of the atmospheres in your home. If you have any questions, concerns or even experiences where you successfully conquered an air quality issue, let us know!

And please keep checking back with us – you may be surprised at the variety of issues we come across!

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