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What is this Pollen Vortex”?!?

A few weeks ago weather.com posted this:

“It is a term people are using to describe the [effects of the] polar vortex. We’ve had a real winter with the rain, snow, ice and cold temperatures.” Stanley Fineman, MD., practicing allergist with Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic and a past president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, told weather.com. “So it’s kind of overwhelmed us. The pollen has been waiting for the summer weather, and we’re just now seeing that, so we’re seeing extremely high pollen counts… We see high tree pollen counts this time of year. This year we’ve seen prolonged and higher counts of pollen…”

So what does that mean for us? Other than NO relief?

Well, because the winter held on so long, and we appear to have gone from winter to summer with next to no ‘spring’, the ‘typical’ release of pollen was hindered or delayed, then released all at once, and we got ‘slammed’ with all of it at once!

On a more positive thought – The theory [or hope!] is that in that release [although initially worst case conditions] it will be short lived in that the current ‘cycle’ of pollen release will be short.

We are in the midst of promoting our first “special” ever! Along with any “Home Air Facts” air quality inspection scheduled from now through June 2014 we are offering an expanded testing at no additional charge to include pollen measurement and identification! This testing is extremely helpful in [a] determining if these substances are accumulating in your home or environment and [b] identifying the specific types of pollen to isolate what we personally may be reacting to. If you or anyone you care for is experiencing discomforts or sensitivities while in the “safety of home”, let us know!

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