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Mold Testing

Residential Air Quality not only performs the mold testing service but also offers expert advice on mold remediation services. When we first step into your home, we are dedicated to revealing both visible and not so visible signs of mold in your home.
RAQ offers years of experience and dedication to solving home air quality issues. We look to ensure not only that you recieve your mold testing results, but that you understand the current state of your home for future reference.

Home Mold Test

Our Home Mold Inspection Service involves a multi-faceted approach:

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Results
  • Recommendations

Mold Inspection Cost

Mold Inspection costs can vary. Of course, the size of your home, contributing to the length of inspection is one of the biggest factors. Also, should you encounter mold in different areas of your home, the inspection company will want to test each separately in the event you have multiple types of mold in the home. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs in depth.

Mold Removal Consultation

The ultimate goal of any homeowner is to have the mold removed from their home. Residential Air Quality offers tailored solutions prior to your pursuing mold remediation. Depending on your particular circumstance, mold remediation can be offered in several different ways. Your mold testing company and your removal service should remain separate to avoid any conflict of interest.


“They were very thorough with their investigation and report and did an excellent job letting me understand everything the report said. Customer service was great and I’d recommend them to anyone in need of environmental air testing.”

– Amanda V. Westwood, MA

“They did a very professional and excellent job, the exceeded my expectations.”

– Peter B. Concord, MA

“True professionals. Very reasonably priced and top quality work. Explained every step along the way. Would highly recommend!!!”

– Jill M. Stoneham, MA

What is Black Mold?

Black mold is a living organism. This is a minute organism that you will not see until it becomes a problem.
In the world of mold and mildew, it is clear that these organisms will need two important factors to continue growing. (Hint: These two areas are most important, because you take these away and you will get rid of toxic black mold).
The organisms will grow upon material in which they can eat. Many of these food sources are drywall, wood, and carpeting, etc.
Black mold will like locations in which there is moisture and high humidity. While there are different types of molds they all will need a comfortable location to amplify. This does not necessarily mean a warm place. Toxic black mold can grow in cold, dry, and humid location places as well.
When the black mold spore dries up, this is when the organism begins to spread like a dandelion flower in the wind. The Hyphae legs rip off the delicate spore and then attach somewhere a few centimeters down the way from the original source.