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Home Air Quality Test

Indoor air quality testing is usually conducted when an issue is revealed. Often times these occurences can be visual, a know or seen problem, but other times they come about when a person in the home/business becomes ill, not knowing they are suffering from some form of indoor air pollution. At Residential Air Quality we get to the heart of the problem, air quality and more specifically, the quality of the air you breathe is of our utmost concern.
RAQ not only provides you with the source of any issues, but we provide you with a true consultative approach to resolving those issues. Air quality testing is what we do to reassure you that your home is at safe levels and free of toxins that may affect the quality of life you deserve.

How to Test Air Quality

We offer a number of tests that can determine an issue with the quality of air in your home or business. Our first step is to consult with you, the client, to determine if there are any known issues. We then move on to a visual inspection of the premises using our expertise to reveal anything the can be seen. Our testing begins based on our visual inspection and your input to determine what tests need to be conducted. Upon receipt of air quality results of testing, we can offer you a solution to any issues that arise.

Indoor Air Quality Testing-Why Do It?

Living with bad air quality can lead to a whole host of issues. Whether it is affecting your own health, or the health of a loved one, it is definitely something you want to be aware of. While most of our work is dedicated to problems that have already come from poor indoor air quality, we also service those who wish to set a benchmark or a standard for current air quality so that they may test against it in the future. Indoor air pollution can cause so many issues, make sure you are aware as to where your home stands when it comes to air quality.


“Mr. Cummings is a professional, courteous and highly competent consultant concerning Radon gas testing and general air and energy quality issues for residential properties.”

– Michael Z. Newtonville, MA

“Contractor went beyond normal requirements and worked with our landscaper and general contractor to improve water-tightness of our basement. Very pleased with analysis and work.”

– Susan S. Needham, MA

“Very knowledgeable and professional! I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Claudine L. Ashland, MA

Improve Indoor Air Quality with RAQ

Residential Air Quality has been dedicated to improving your indoor air quality for 20 years. Whether your suspect you are having an air quality issue or you just want to know that the air you breathe is free of toxins, we can help. Our service professionals have been on the job for years and can offer you true insight into improving the air quality in your home. Poor air quality is the top concern for RAQ, let us help you make sure that you are safe in your home.