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Home Air Facts

There are an almost infinite number of things going on inside a home that can affect the home air quality. While most of our clients contact us when an issue arises, we also have a lot of clients just looking to be reassured that their home is free of toxic levels of mold, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde or just general mildew and odor abatement.
Discovering issues or potential issues with your indoor air quality is part of our Home Air Facts service. Residential Air Quality wants to make sure that when you enter your home, you have the assurance that the air you breathe is not causing you or your loved ones harm.

Home Air Quality Test

We have a number of tests we can run on your home to determine the current status of your home air quality. Following consultation with you, the client, and a visual inspection we will most likely be able to determine what tests would need to be run, following up with you to inform you of the test results and delivering knowledge to you of the current state of your homes air quality. Once again, we will consult with you and help you determine the most reasonable course of action in resolving any issues that may come up.


“Glad I hired them- they found a gas leak in the house.”

– Dave J. Medfield, MA

“Professional, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. what else can you ask for.”

– Callum V. Quincy, MA

“Paul Cummings, owner of residential air quality. His knowledge, experience, and great advice is amazing. This provider is worth his weight in gold (almost) he has save me and my wife thousands with his great sound and advice and uses great technology to support his findings. We very highly recommend him and his company. We’ve used him many times because he is the best.”

– Arnold F. West Hyannisport, MA

Air Quality Testing Companies-Why Residential Air Quality?

We offer un-biased Mold and Air Quality inspection only. We do not try to sell you on expensive solutions. Our unique product is “Home Air Facts tm”. We aim at collecting only the facts that help the homeowner find the source of the problem and figure out what needs to be done to correct it. If you are looking to investigate the cause of any issues you may be experiencing regarding your home air quality, contact the professionals at RAQ.